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Sales Catalogs in PDF Format
(Release December 19th, 2018)

We have cataloged most of our offers. Big catalogs are splitted into smaller volumes. Please select the desired catalog and click the button. Catlogs are curently availabel in German language, only. But the pictures and basic data are very self-explanatory. Catalogs are available in PDF format. You can get free reader software from Adobe. Download of our catalogs is free of charge.

Individual catalog editions on request.

Poster Stamps and Letter Seals

  • Austria

  • Aviation

  • Collections

  • Military

  • 3rd Reich

Poster Stamps

  • Artist's Stamps

  • Berlin

  • Dresden

  • Event Poster Stamps

  • Leipzig

  • Munich

  • Poster Stamps

Letter Seals

  • Bavaria

  • Berlin

  • Dresden

  • Embassy/Consular

  • Leipzig

  • Munich

  • Police

  • Post

  • Railroad

  • Saxonia